Smooth Full-page Scrolling with jQuery Plugin viewScroller.js

JavaScript corkscrew effects have been around for years with dozens of good libraries to collect from. But a new contender in a margin is viewScroller.js.

This really tiny nonetheless absolute library can build single-page layouts that scroll as blocks with one appropriate of a corkscrew circle (or touchpad). This creates a tranquil blueprint where scrolls pierce a user by particular sections of a page with pixel-tight precision.

Naturally, this is a totally giveaway library available on GitHub and easy to implement with Bower or npm.

However, viewScroller.js is not an eccentric JavaScript library. It does rest on jQuery and dual specific plugins: jQuery Mousewheel and jQuery Easing. These are both required to get a corkscrew effects operative properly.

This can bushel a value of viewScroller given it requires a few JS libraries only to function. But if you’re already regulating jQuery anyway afterwards it’s a no-brainer. viewScroller.js offers a simplest process to get a single page scrolling web app using though most code.

It does, however, use really minute classes and IDs to emanate a scrolling effect. You can edit these classes in your possess CSS record or overwrite them in a bottom code. You’ll find a full list on a repo page with class names and default setup data.

example singlepage scrollerexample singlepage scroller

The simplest approach to start is by cloning a viewScroller demos. They have one with a right sidebar, another with a left sidebar, and one with two sidebars sandwiching calm in a middle.

If you’re fine with a jQuery-fueled web app afterwards viewScroller is a illusory giveaway library to use. It does need quite a few dependencies though they shouldn’t be tough to configure.

Take a look during a live demo and see what we think. If we like a UX and a corkscrew function afterwards follow a setup beam on GitHub to get started.