Microsoft to close down Wunderlist in preference of the new app, To-Do

Microsoft acquired a renouned mobile to do list focus Wunderlist behind in 2015, and now it’s scheming users for a contingent passing with a recover of a new focus “To-Do,” announced today. The new app was built by a group behind Wunderlist, and will move in a favorite elements of that app in a months ahead, Microsoft says. The association also combined that it won’t close down Wunderlist until it’s assured that it has “incorporated a best of Wunderlist into To-Do.”

In box you’re anticipating Wunderlist will get some arrange of reprieve, Microsoft creates a stirring passing flattering clear. Stating a skeleton in black-and-white: “we will retire Wunderlist,” it says in a blog post.  

In a meantime, Microsoft is enlivening Wunderlist users to make a switch by charity an importer that will move in your lists and to-dos from Wunderlist into To-Do, where those equipment will now be accessible in other Microsoft products, like Exchange and Outlook.

Microsoft’s skeleton for To-Do were formerly leaked, when a association was found to be contrast a new app, afterwards under a codename Project Cheshire.

At a time of a leaks, that was a sincerely unclothed skeleton to-do app that let users emanate lists, supplement items, set reminders, and sync lists opposite platforms. The usually engaging underline was that it was means to offer suggestions of tasks to supplement to a list – something that has now remade into To-Do’s “Intelligent Suggestions” feature.

According to Microsoft’s announcement, To-Do starts we off in a shade called “My Day” that offers a list of equipment that need to get finished today. You can customize this list further by accessing a “Intelligent Suggestions” underline – accessible with a daub on a lightbulb idol – that will offer suggestions of things we might wish to supplement to your list.

For example, if there was something we didn’t get finished yesterday, though maybe should have, that could seem as a task suggestion. As Microsoft explains it, you’ll also be means to examination to-do’s from a day before as good as perspective what’s due and other arriving tasks, around this feature.

More importantly – to Microsoft, during slightest – is that To-Do has been built to confederate with Microsoft Office. The app is built on Office 365, and a initial formation is in Microsoft Outlook. Your Outlook Tasks will sync with To-Do, so we can entrance and conduct them opposite your devices.

To-Do’s information is also encrypted in movement and during rest for combined security. The Preview chronicle of To-Do is accessible currently for I.T. admins to capacitate by a Office 365 admin center, and is accessible on iPhone, Android, Windows and a web for consumers.

ZDNet simplified with Microsoft that a app is not just for Office 365 users, as a strange blog post about a launch seemed to imply. Instead, anyone with a Microsoft comment can use To-Do, even if they don’t have an Office 365 plan, a association confirmed.

The To-Do app is not prepared during this indicate to accommodate a needs of all Wunderlist users, however. As many users realized, some platforms do not nonetheless support To-Do, including Mac, iPad and Android tablet. List pity is also not available. But Microsoft says these will hurl out in time along with other integrations with Microsoft services.

A Microsoft worker in a comments territory of a strange blog post even offering some unrestrained towards users’ requests for Amazon Alexa integrations, that could be interesting. And they noted that support for Work accounts would arrive on To-Do on a web in a entrance weeks, and gave a timeframe towards a iPad app as a “coming months.”