Microsoft says exploits leaked by Shadow Brokers were addressed by before patches

Microsoft researchers were operative late into a hours a Friday before this holiday weekend looking to address yesterday’s Shadow Brokers dump of Windows exploits. In a summary sent to TechCrunch overnight, a association pronounced it has addressed a emanate for systems using Windows 7 and later.

“We’ve investigated and reliable that a exploits disclosed by a Shadow Brokers have already been addressed by before updates to a upheld products,” a association wrote. “Customers with present program are already protected.”

Microsoft also issued a blog post on a subject, observant that, as a association worked to determine a exploits, it detected that 9 were already been addressed by formerly expelled patches. Microsoft Security Response Center, naturally, recommends that users keep their machines adult to date to safeguard that they’re protected.

There are 3 additional exploits not addressed by a aforementioned patches, nonetheless MS records that they’re not able of reproducing on machines using Windows 7 and above or new versions of Exchange. Of course, that leave intensity disadvantage for users still sticking to comparison versions of a handling system, as they’re no longer supported.

Once again, Microsoft’s response would no doubt be: ascent to safeguard you’re protected.

The dump was a second from Shadow Brokers this week, nonetheless a initial that contained vital exploits in several months. The exploits were trust to have originated from a National Security Agency as partial of a work to guard income upsurge in a SWIFT interbank messaging system. The NSA has been roundly criticized for not warning companies earlier that a collection had leaked, nonetheless it has nonetheless to residence any intensity tie to a leak.

And indeed, in a apart matter Microsoft reliable a Agency hadn’t suggested intensity vulnerabilities before to yesterday’s insane lurch to residence a leaked exploits. “At this time,” pronounced a spokesperson, “other than reporters, no particular or classification has contacted us in propinquity to a materials expelled by Shadow Brokers.”