“Google Hire” Says they Won’t Share Browsing History with Employers

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Google is known to be on the spotlight mostly for its success, but this time it is not the case. Yesterday, some of the prominent media outlets including RT, Daily Mail, and Australian news site reported that Google is sharing search history of the users with employers under their new project “Google hire.”

What exactly is Google Hire?

If you are not aware of the Google Hire, here’s what it is. It is a new project from Google and it is designed to connect the employers with employees. It is similar to the Linkedin in a sense that it lets the employers post a job and then they manage the applicants. According to the Axiom, Google is planning to go head to head with Lever and Greenhouse with this latest project.

The Accusation

We all are very aware of the Click bait strategy that many websites use, but there is a fine line between creating as a click bait and creating a false accusation, and this looks like some publishers do not bother much about this.

On this Monday, several media outlets have reported that along with their job application, prospective employers can see the search history of their applicants and also their Youtube account. This news has spread like fire and now people started to show their anger towards the whole new thing.

Google’s reply

Just as one could thexpect, the whole news is fake and Google officials dismissed all of these accusations. A Google spokesperson told the Gizmodo, “Only information that a candidate voluntarily provides would be passed to a prospective employer as part of their online application. Private information will not be shared.”

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