Cyber Criminals Hacked Third Party Sellers From Amazon

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A new tide of cyber crime has been reported on the biggest online market, the Amazon. The hackers have started using the third-party sellers to scam the merchants and buyers and stole thousands of dollars by offering the goods which do not exist and by changing the bank account details provided.

In the past several weeks, more cases of attacks on the third-party sellers have been reported. Hackers have started using some unused and dormant accounts to scam other prople with the nonexistent items. They are bargaing the prices and more, after that they would simply collect the cash and disappear without leaving a trace, as reported by Wall Street Journal.

The buyers are getting a refund, but the sellers are the ones who are really in trouble. They are the ones who are getting blamed for not delivering the goods even after taking the money.

Margina Dennis, one of the account holders who works in New York as a professional makeup artist, received more than a hundred emails from her customers who want to know why their Nintendo Switch devices haven’t arrived. Upon further investigation, it was found that her account was one of the hacked ones and hackers used to scam the customers. She is in debt of tens of thousands of dollars because of this incident. She can not even access her account since the hackers changed the account password.

She, and many others like her, are deeply disappointed with Amazon and don’t want to have anything to do with the company anymore. On the other end, the company is working hard on finding the solution to ensure that the sellers don’t have to deal with the financial burden caused by the security breach.

Amazon advises its customers to turn on the two-step authentication, regularly check in on their account and change the password on regular basis.


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